Getting on the right track with Social Media is a key step in creating a mobile marketing plan. Social media can no longer be considered optional. A regular plan is necessary to stay in front of the users who are making decisions based on your social media presence or lack of one.

The "Start Up Process" depends upon your business needs. Each client is different but many have the same challenges. 

Getting started is generally easy and takes about an hour to gather the initial information, discuss outcomes and expectations and start working on a strategy for your company. The next step of gathering the content, creating or finding visuals, developing a calendar, creating links and setting up website links and optimizing your streams will take a few days.

 We keep you in the loop the whole time, and can roll out each network individually or hold back and release everything all at once. Some clients are looking for a total marketing solution, hands off and remote control sales, and lead generation We handle all types of marketing besides social media,  and will be glad to help you grow your business.  Contact Us

​​​​Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies offers tailored packages and delivers social media account set-up or customization upon request. You will receive your own custom Social Media SEO audit, and we will optimize what you already have in place.

Then we lay out a manageable results oriented strategy for the future. 

Below are examples of some common social media platforms businesses are using, These are one time set up costs to get things going.
●   Facebook Setup, Fully optimized and matching your online presence connected to websites $200 New / Optimize Existing $100
●   Twitter Setup, Fully optimized and matching your online presence, connected to websites $150 New / Optimize Existing $75
●   Snap Chat, Set up and connected link to your website and online presence $150 New

●   Instagram Setup, Fully Optimized and connected to other online and social media $200 / Updated $100
●   WordPress Blog Setup Set Up Only $600.00 / Monthly blogging prices vary by length and number of posts
●   Google + Setup Enhanced profile with links, maps, gallery and rich content New $175 / Optimize Existing $100 
●   YouTube Channel Set up $300* / Set Up FREE with Your First Video Project $1,200 or more.

  • Pinterest Setup, Establish 5 boards and create 50 Pins in the First Month - $250
  • We can help you when setting up and establishing other accounts and services like Angie's List, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.  

(* Video production is not included in the cost of set up and posting, we must price this separately based on your requirements.)

You can choose a one-off package with a one-time fee, or sign up for a monthly package that gives you an ongoing discount. The customized packages are almost as inexpensive as the pre-fab deals, so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, call me and let's meet to work out a premium service which covers your needs and fits your budget!

Monthly Contracts & Services
Your monthly services can be purchased as: month to month, or longer terms of 6 or 12 months. With a long term contract, you will earn discounts, and your services renew at your original rates even if our standard rates have gone up.

Social Media Services are paid in advance on the first day of each month. Set up charges are payable as 50% at the time the services are engaged, 50% when social media platform set-up is completed or optimized. 

The best part? Once your social networks are set up and your strategy is in place with optimized and solid creative content being generated the platforms should continue to grow naturally and organically.

●    Up to 150 Actions - $400 Per Month - Up to 3 Platforms  (New & Small Size Business)
●    Up to 300 Actions - $750 Per Month - Up to 5 Platforms  (Medium Size Businesses)

     For developing a regular blog, add $200 per 300-450 word article 
●    Up to 500 Actions - $1200 Per Month - Up to 7 Platforms  (Mature/Large Businesses)

     For developing a regular blog add $200 per 300-450 word article 

All The Current Popular and Most Used Platforms Are Included in Our Services, and we help you choose the right channels

You are making a big decision and a big change when you decide to outsource Social Media. We realize that you will need to stay up to the minute and may want to post on your own when opportunities arise. You will share admin privileges and account set up passwords which are standardized for you.

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Your Pricing & Services Options

You now have the opportunity to get a full functioning app for your business that integrates with your social media and serves as a complete marketing tool. We provide low cost apps, progressive web apps and hosting solutions with a custom dashboard management system at amazing prices. Contact Us about