Getting started is easy. First we meet or speak to start getting to know your company. You help us by answering specific questions and provide background information in order for us to get to know your business. You tell us your goals and help us to become acquainted with your customers. Then, if we haven't already done so, we run an audit of your existing Social Media to see how you are doing. You review past content, themes, contests and campaigns and explain your efforts to date: what has worked, what has not. After this meeting we go back and do some research, and review successful social media campaigns in your business category, and best practices as defined by the key social media platforms you will be using. These best practices can influence your page set-up and speed up your process of cultivating a demographic to deliver you results. Finally we present you with a suggested strategy to hit the goals you've set for us.

When we design your strategy, this translates into the resources of time and manpower needed to manage your social media in terms of actions and platforms you will be using. All that is built to fit within your budget. We base all of your monthly social media management packages upon of a set number of “actions” each month across one or more platforms. An “action” can be creating a new post or interacting with other people on the platforms. After this, we start designing for you! We build a gallery of media rich images, tagged, with descriptions embedded. This content is optimized for greater visibility in search, and you are assign a dedicated social media manager to follow up, call and report in.

Depending upon your business category, target market definition and goods or services, each strategy is unique to YOUR COMPANY. In addition to the 'bundled services" plans offered, we can also create a custom plan for you with fewer, or more social networks. Breakthrough Marketing and Media Strategies can also build, optimize and manage your website, or provide you with any other online digital services you may need, up to and including low cost mobile app development.

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Focused. Easy For You To Work With. 

Your Reliable Resource for Medium & Large Business Solutions

Your business may be booming along due to years of traditional media, a strong local brand or a long standing reputation for your business category serving the local community. We can add social media to your mix in a way that makes sense to you and your customers.

Think of the audience and potential customers you are not reaching that can add to your success. 

We provide you with an ROI based approach to social media within your budget that works.

Small Business & Sole Proprietor Solutions When You Need Help

We understand the nature of your smaller owner operated business.

The plans you can choose from are highly focused while being still hyper local. Most small businesses do not have the time to maximize direct customer interaction opportunities. 

If your business relies on direct selling of personal services, we should sit down and discuss a measurable strategy that meets your goals by putting your business in front of the right customers.

You will find that will use the best practices of online marketing for your strategy.

You benefit from our decades of experience in marketing industry positions helping thousands of other companies succeed. 

We're more than a social media company. Your business will receive measurable plans that take into account all of your online presence, and we optimize everything for you to account for the latest trends in all online media.

We are constantly learning and monitoring competitive trends, other campaigns, new social platforms and industry data.

What You Can Expect